Live "LESS PETTY" the Workshop

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2311 South Kedzie Avenue, Chicago, IL. 60623

Comedian, Writer, Speaker Kellye Howard is teaching folks how to be "LESS PETTY". Having lived the majority of her life in HIGH PETTY MODE, Kellye transformed her way of thinking from negative to positive and from WHO to HOW by implementing some key daily practices to retrain her whoa is me mentality. Though psychiatrists and therapists alike all told Kellye she was justified in her sadness having lost two living children, Kellye didn't want to wait for some ah-ha moment, she needed change NOW! We live in a society that praises the victim attitude, the why me, versus the why not me. No one is exempt from loss, hardship, sadness, and rejection, just like everyone deserves joy, peace, happiness, and freedom. The issue is most of us who desire to have such joy, peace, happiness, and freedom are stuck in PETTY DEFAULT. We're afraid to step into our destiny, therefore, we rest in old ways of being and thinking. In this FREE workshop, Kellye briefly discusses her losses in life while giving you some key tools to becoming a better version of yourself by being LESS PETTY. This workshop is designed to be fun, exciting, inspiring. motivational and helpful to those truly looking to get out of their own way and step into their rightful place in this universe. We all have a purpose, yet many of us lack the tools to fulfill it. Stop using a butterknife to build your empire and finally get the tools you need! BE LESS PETTY